beIN Media Server Receiver

The beIN Sports Media Server Receiver has an advanced technology of high-definition quality and media server solution for beIN Sports customers. It is designed to shows a quality and features of platform for delivery of high actual beIN content in the connected home across range of media devices Receiver.

A new generation product will bring the future-proof home, the beIN Media Server Receiver delivers high performance with wireless connection ability and 3D graphics solution.

This high technology product features advanced dual band features and SatCR option to create advanced requirements to support multi-tuner option as professional.

beIN Media Server Receiver

Receiver Features beIN Media Server Receiver

  • High definition Digital Video Recorder
  • 1 TB internal HDD to Store HD & SD contents
  • User Recordings + Push Contents
  • 4 Tuners [Internal Tuners]
  • SATCR Support – For easy Installation
  • PIP- Picture in Picture
  • Wi Fi dual-band IEEE 802.11n/IEEE 802.11ac
  • MRDVR – Multi Room DVR functionality
  • 7 days Multilingual EPG / Planner
  • Multi-language: Arabic, English,French, Spanish
  • Wireless entertainment network
  • Dolby Audio
  • Parental Lock
  • Channel Block and bulk movement
  • Genre filter
  • Profiling
  • OTA Software download
  • MRDVR- Home Networking Server
  • Companion Devices –Android & IOS
  • Sim Smart Card

beIN Sports Media Server Receiver allows future update to new technology and the support for option which is picture-in-picture and the delivery of matches to tween screens and enjoy with both channels at the same time only with beIN Sports Media Server Receiver.

You are able to connect beIN Media Server receiver to Internet and for that this product has a advanced features which will allow to use cable Cat6 to bring data to your device or you can USE WIFI solution to bring internet to your device.

What feature we can get with internet in beIN Media Server Receiver?
If you connect this device with Internet you can get more than 2500 content from beIN On-demand and watch it whenever you want at home with your family and friends so, you can download the movie or any content you looking after and watch it.

You will get 1TB built-in Hard Drive

The Media Server Receiver is a powerful Receiver which boasting a 3000+ DMIPS CPU, more than 2GB of system memory and 1TB hard drive for Recording and downloading any content without any external Hard.

Every of us following the latest technology to bring it to our house and get amazed from features which this device will gives and allow us to have with the beIN Sports latest and newest movies, entertainment, documentary, Kids and much more of great beIN content.


Recording Solution on beIN Media Server Receiver
with one click record any content you are looking for and watch it whenever you want, simply with the beIN Media Server receiver. This device will give you high performance functionality of using the latest technology at your home. You are able to record or download 1000 GB of capacity for any content you want with easiest way.

not just easily use, you will get more features for recording on this advanced device. You are able to record multiple channels at the time without and disrupting other channels record in additional you will be able to watch next channels which means 4th one. This is future, this is beIN Sports features.


Design and smart device on beIN Media Server Receiver
Style and design of beIN Media Server Receiver is Newest and very modern as you see in Photo. This modern device will come with Smart functionality like it will be close automatically once no one watching the TV. All this only in beIN Media Server Receiver.

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